[NEW UPLOAD] Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

AnimeIn4K Presents:

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid


1080p to 4K
14 + 2 Files
Total Size: 77.14GB + 2.47GB
23.976 FPS
English Subtitles



I would just like to preface by stating that this is NOT a ‘remaster’. All that has been done is some videos have been put through some software. This batch includes episodes 1-14, extra episodes 1-7, and the opening and ending.

The videos have been encoded in H264 10-bit, CRF 14 (to match the source), and have a resolution of 3840×2160 at 23.98fps.

Video upscaling isn’t magic; I’m not offering a true original 4k version of the anime. Instead, it has been analyzed by an AI model trained on similar videos to provide an ‘educated guess’ as to what the anime would look like, had it been originally rendered in 4k. It may be convincing, but it can never be true-to-life.

On some devices, VLC may struggle to render subtitles in certain parts, though my testing has been inconclusive as to whether this is a  widespread problem. Skipping forwards and back a few seconds may help.

A big thanks goes to Geo for allowing me to use his platform to post this.


If you find any errors please let me know on discord (lime#0811)


Upscaled By Lime0811
Source Video + Extras: [0x539]


there will be no torrent for this release

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